About bank

In the XXI century - the golden age of Turkmenistan, in order to improve the social situation of the people, at the IX State Council of Elders and the general session of the National Council and the National Movement "Galkynysh", in accordance with the decree of Saparmurat Turkmenbashi the Great, number 4549 dated 31 January 2000, was It decided to set up a commercial bank "Prezidentbank". The bank was established in an era when Turkmenistan raised its authority in the world as the State with the status of permanent neutrality, as well as the country's diversified economy is developing rapidly. In accordance with the Presidential Decree number 6843 of 18 August 2004, the bank, an office building which is located at the address: Building 12, str. 1995 Ashgabat started its banking activities with the issuance of loans for the purchase of apartments in the new homes being built in the city of Ashgabat, with a term of 15 years with annual interest rate of 3% and a grace period of 5 years for the payment of principal.

Already in the first days after its establishment, the bank has taken its rightful place among the banks of Turkmenistan. As one of the main areas of the bank issuing mortgage loans to citizens of Turkmenistan was chosen. While the number of bank customers who used the services of a mortgage loan, has reached 1547. In accordance with the agreement of the State Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan "Halkbank" number 3295 dated November 29, 2005., Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan "Prezidentbank" from their own funds acquired on the balance sheet " Halkbank "building, located at the address: Ashgabat, ul.1932 house number 132.

The Bank implements the decree of the President of Turkmenistan № 9327 of December 27, 2007 "On loan to Turkmen citizens to purchase real estate." Increased concessional loan term from 15 to 30 years and provide several other benefits contributed to raising the level of maintenance of the population own home. Issuance of the loan with a term of 30 years for the purchase of real estate, to the social security of citizens of Turkmenistan and the improvement of their housing conditions, loans at 1% interest, and 5-year grace period for the payment of the loan a clear confirmation of this.

Today, in the epoch of new Revival and grandiose reforms, the banking system of Turkmenistan is one of the main directions of economic development. The development of a market economy led to the banking system in the device up to date and the establishment of new banks. June 7, 2010, the Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan "Prezidentbank" was awarded the right of state ownership, and was approved by the Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan Program "Prezidentbank". The main focus was given an increase in efficiency (profit) for the purpose of bringing to the US dollar. Throughout the development of the bank have policies aimed at increasing investment and accumulation, and the bank's assets.